Antonín Dvořák

El Teatro Real: Rusalka

El Teatro Real: Русалка

The libretto of the most well-known opera by Dvořak, which premiered in Prague in 1901, is inspired by the Czech version of the Central European folktale, one we also know as Undine (1811) or The Little Mermaid (1837). The original story is perfectly translated into a musical score full of colour and magic where it is possible to perceive a Wagnerian influence, especially in the river currents of Der Ring des Nibelungen. There are also considerable similarities with another wonderful aquatic fable of sacrifice and redemption: Sadko (1898). The composer did not renounce his Bohemian roots for he left a mark on a large part of his creations as an artist committed to Czech music and culture. As of the last decades of the 20th century, its presence on the world stage has consolidated and today Rusalka is one of the twenty most performed operas; surprisingly it has never been performed since the re-inauguration of the Teatro Real.




3 hours 20 minutes with two intermissions

Act 1

61 min


10 min

Act 2

50 min


10 min

Act 3

64 min




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